a land far far away…

auckland-skyline327 November

We staggered off our airbus Thursday afternoon feeling like two jet lagged zombies. Damn that was a marathon flight! – nothing could have made that trip any better, short of anyone telling us we can get off. To top things I’m sure you’re all aware of the past week’s crises in Bangkok, which meant our flight was re-directed to Auckland via Melbourne. So instead of the 22 hour leg it was 18 hours…we had many discussions as to how many hours we were losing/gaining when to sleep/eat/stay awake. It ended up being very confusing. All I know is we ended up exhausted anyway. To put the cherry on the cake – as we stepped into the airport building we found out our luggage was delayed… Shopping courtesy of Emirates! Yay? I forgot my tiredness for a few hours but Doug only got as far as an All Black t-shirt. (that’s like wearing a Springbok jersey in Pretoria…?)

So far we love Auckland – its a small city with a big town feel. Familiar but with slight South Pacific feel, most houses are white wooden clapboards with big gardens. The inner city is being revamped where most of the activity is concentrated around the wharf and waterfront. We’ve seen lots of activity, people running and riding their bicycles – a huge attraction. Along the seafront there are cute cafes and shops all along the water’s edge. Then as you leave the city the countryside is almost immediate. Sheep and more sheep with lots of horses grazing. Just beautiful!

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