a view to kill

friday 28 november

We were driven around today as Laurinda and David (ex South Africans) showed us Auckland. Blame it on my jet lag but I cannot remember the names of the places we stopped at – so I’d rather show photos!


We stopped at a stunning Conservations Park on the Coast – and walked a short trail to the lookout point which overlooked the most beautiful bay – you enter the conservation area at a gorgeous settlers house from where you enter a thick forest with loads of ferns winding up a very steep path towards the cliff face.


From here we hopped back in the car and took a drive through a cute little town (Matakana) towards one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen called Omaha – very similiar to Noordhoek beach look and feel, just longer with sand as white as icing sugar. This whole area is known for its holiday houses – all new and called “bachs” short for bachelors – nice vibe – upmarket and new on the beach. I loved the fact that the farms all bordered the beach – loads of horse riding happening. We ended our day trip at a stunning restaurant on the beach called Hammerheads. They served the tastiest fish while you could gaze at the bay through big arch windows. While having dinner I saw two grey heads slowly cycling past. Very cool!

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