size counts

29 november

We picked up our motor home today. Its huge but so much FUN! Its brand new and about the size of a small bus…doesn’t turn corners very well. More like trying to steer a loaf of bread with no turning circle. Had a little “incident” shortly after picking up the van. I would have taken a photo but we were both a little flustered – it was probably more embarrassing. Maybe it saved us in the long run – now its really careful driving. Needless to say our van has a scrape but the other dude has a major dent. One hour into our adventure and we had to fill in an accident report. Oops…


Traveled some miles today as we headed out towards the Coromandel Peninsula – the most beautiful coastal road winding along the sea with old gnarled trees growing in the sea or close to. We finally got to our camp site late and parked about twenty meters from the sea just off the beach. Loads of fishermen around with boats and trailers (dad and Etienne we thought of you two!) – campsite all quiet and peaceful. I was convinced we’d wake up with the sound of a boat engine but it seems fishermen respect fellow campers too, so instead we woke to the sound of lapping waves. Doug swam this morning before breakfast – shouted that he had fish swimming with him while I sat on the beach with my coffee and bikini. This is what camping is all about!

Late morning we headed out and explored the town of Coromandel – very cute with small little shops – trendy coffee shops and restaurants, yet you get the feeling its hasn’t been discovered by the rest of the world. So far we’ve experienced none of the pretentiousness that comes with trendy settings. Doug bought himself some “jandals” – the New Zealand word for flip flops. He has turned NZ patriotic on me.


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