bubble and squeak

monday 1 december

We drove 216km to Rotorua today. Along the way we had to allow for a few quick hand brake turns so we could find enough signal for Doug to log onto the market – I had to hold on for dear life in the back watching his signal on the pc while he drove forward and backwards.steaming-holes-wai-o-tapu5

Rotorua looked quite cute until we smelled it! The stink gave it away… bubbling thermal activity where puddles hiss and steam rises from any damp spot. Driving into town there were smoke plumes in the most unlikely places. Weird! I read in our guide book today that the “Mordor” scene in Lord of the Rings were shot here without many special effects. They only had to find the right thermal pools and use a bit of makeup and good music!

Our camp site is absolutely stunning (once again). This time we are parked in a fern forest as our backdrop – about a minute’s walk to Lake Tikitapu, the cleanest water you’ve ever seen with forest all around.


2 december

Went for a great little run this morning along the lake. Had to dodge a few dead possums but we managed to start our day early and head out to the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland which is where all the thermal activity is concentrated. Was interesting to see – a bit eery as if you could be in Jurassic Park with corroded trees and lots of foul smelling bubbling white water.


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