Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitantahu or Hawke’s Bay as its more commonly known…

3 december

Drove into Napier, Hawkes Bay area, early evening last night. Both of us silent as we looked around. It was very windswept and desolate. Depressing. Reminded us both a little of Windhoek? There was an earthquake in 1931, recorded as the worst ever in New Zealand. The town was re-build but by the look of things all progress also ended in 1931. Hence – very much an art deco feel – actually the whole place oozes desolate like its caught in a time warp. Cross between Miami and the Karoo?

This morning we woke up to sunny skies and the sea looked much more friendly. Went for a walk on the beach – pitch black tiny stones with saphire blue water. Still that feeling of nothing-happens-here lingered. We both agreed it was time to move on. The environment was not attractive enough to hang around! Having said all that, Napier is as neat as a pin. (My lack of photos of Napier is due to the speed with which we left – I tried taking photos out the window but it was all one big blur thanks to Doug).


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