getting our groove

4 december

We’re definitely getting into the swing of things. Today, after a week of camping we’re feeling relaxed. We have this whole motor home thing waxed. Spend most of yesterday on the road getting to Wellington. Listening to the local radio we heard a report about a missing ewe and her lamb. They really take them sheep farming seriously here…

I can happily report the scenery changed very fast after leaving the Miami/Karoo. (Man, that was a seriously depressing place!) As soon as we hit the countryside we were back to rolling green hills with fat sheep lazily bundled up against the road. The landscape changed gradually as we came closer to Wellington to become more mountainous with thick pine forest.

doug-feeding-the-ducks This morning Doug made friends with the local duck population and fed them half our bread loaf. The greedy buggers made themselves at home right outside our door with the occasional quack.

Today we had pretty lousy weather so we took it easy and only explored Wellington this afternoon. Walked through the city which is pretty and compact – slight English feel to it. We bought a really nice tripod to take pictures of ourselves so I don’t have to bore everyone with only landscapes or single photos! (watch this space for more couple shots!)

Later this afternoon I managed to convince Doug to go check out the Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand. Saw some really unusual exhibitions and kept us busy for the better part of the afternoon.

Tomorrow we catch the Wellington-Picton ferry across the water to the South Island. Have seen the boat in the harbour and it really is huge! Apparently we literally drive onto the ship with our camper – from there onwards its breakfast, a comfy deckchair and a great view…


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