due south

5 december

Up at the crack of dawn this morning to board the Interislander ferry. Ominous rain clouds around but luckily the gale force wind was gone. Doug and I were so excited to get on board this huge ship. interislander-ferry-wellington-to-picton

Sadly the ship resembled Monte Casino’s food court inside. (sorry for those that enjoy it there). We got ourselves Kaitaki “Plus” tickets which were supposed to be the upmarket lounge. Instead we found greasy sandwiches and bad coffee.

Anyhow. The views were amazing though almost too cold to go outside on the ship. I tried taking a few shots but its almost silly to try and capture the beauty of the South Island as you approach. The light is brighter, the grass greener and the water just the purest blue aquamarine you’ve ever seen.

We got off the ferry around 12 and had lunch in Picton while Doug had to log on to markets. From there we took a windy road along the coastline that weaved its way to Nelson where we are staying tonight.

Both of us are bushed. Lots of driving and sailing today. We’re loving every second.

See attached some fellow campers I couldn’t help but take a photo of…never say you’re too old to do this!


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