roads less traveled

6 December

Woke up to an early start in Nelson this morning – went for a divine long run along the beach. The town of Nelson sits right on the water’s edge. It has a slight Knysna feel to it. As the tide pulls back, the sea actually looks more like an estuary and the beach becomes one long sand bank that goes far out to sea.


Late morning we went to explore the Saturday market – organic with mainly home produce. Lots of weird looking characters with dreadlocks and wind chimes. Everyone seems really friendly though. A big artsy community apparently lives around this area. While we were wandering around town we saw the annual Toy Run with literally hundreds of bikers coming through town.


Left for Takaka around lunch time – trip took us close to two hours as we had mountain passes and very sharp bends to deal with – we found a glorious beach camp literally a stone’s throw from the beach with huge trees. The towns around here are tiny with literally a grocery store, hardware and cafe yet it seems surprisingly upmarket.

The space around here seems endless and you can feel you’re quite remote.

Ended our evening sitting with two Coronas on the beach watching the sun going down.


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