bucket braai at Kaikoura

9 December

We left Nelson early this morning and ventured south east towards Kaikoura. We drove through Blenheim, the hub of the wine industry – a rather bleak looking single story town. Place really didn’t deserve another glance so we moved on. The vineyards bordering town were immaculate and stretched as far as the eye could see. Nice..but nothing we’re haven’t seen before. Drove past the well known Cloudy Bay Wine Estate. Quick cuppa in Blenheim and we were heading for the coast again. Weather was bleak and rainy.

By lunchtime we were winding our way along a rocky coastal road with a very light blue sea on our one side and rolling hills with sheep on the other. The beach looked like one long black ribbon with tiny pebbles. We saw actual waves for the first time! Crayfish stalls popping up along the road in all sorts of formats.


Kaikoura is cute but once again tiny and in some sort of time warp. A sleepy beach town that has been boosted by whale watching companies. (Its apparently the one place where you see the most activity of sperm whales in the world). Our camping site was 7km out of town along a black stretch of beach. Great views yet a little rustic. Doug bought us a “bucket braai” today. Its literally a little coal braai in a red bucket. Genius whoever came up with this.

I’m witness to our first bucket braaivleis.


One response to “bucket braai at Kaikoura

  1. nothing gay about our braai – you would be humbled if you could taste those lamb cutlets…!

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