whistling Dixie in Christchurch

11 December

A cool sunny day welcomed us to our second day in Christchurch. We decided early on to stay put in our camp site as we seemed to have stumbled upon a little private haven – (we got the corner spot). So we saddled up our bicycles and headed into town with Doug carrying his laptop, camera and paraphanalia.


Our first stop was the Avon bridge. This is such a beautiful peace of green belt in the city its hard to ignore. From here you could catch the tram that stops at all the major sights in town.


Don’t laugh – the tripod was just too complicated to set up. Hence the pics of each of us.

We headed for Cathedral Square which is the main spot in Christchurch. A beautiful paved square centred around the main cathedral, it plays hosts to a market, musicians, food stalls and today, the New Zealand army band playing carols. We decided to hop on the tram to explore the city. Totally worth it as it gave you a bird’s eye view of everything in thirty minutes!


After lunch at “Sticky Fingers”,  it was a quick stop in the Adidas/Canterbury store of the All Blacks.  We were still hunting for an All Black jersey for my dad – having satisfied all our options, we decided we’ve seen enough and headed back to our snug van. Tomorrow we head south again. More cold…

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