cold calling

12 December

We left a drab Christchurch this morning heading out – our first stop the small town of Geraldine for trading purposes.  Barely more than a main street, The Plum Cafe and Vintage car museum caught our eyes. Oh, and a rather huge funeral parlour with a massive hearse…

From here the landscape changed from rolling hills to fields of wheat. Interestingly enough, we’ve noticed that farmers here have a a thing for hedges. In stead of separating their farms with fences, they grow these massive hedge trees that are trimmed to within an inch of a straight line. Weird.

By three this afternoon we pulled into the town of Timaru.  A fairly large sea-facing village on a hilly outcrop facing the coast. In Maori this is pronounced “Te Maru” which means shelter, referring to Caroline Bay – a sheltered strip of beach that has became popular for beachcombers. The town consists of one main street where all the cafes, banks and main shops are concentrated. The rest was fairly insignificant.

Climbing out of our toasty van was a bit of a shock.  It was absolutely freezing cold! We huddled together and headed to the first warm cafe. Soup! This place is really really cold…

We’ve settled in for the evening – I can report that I took zero photos today – for two reasons: one being that it was raining most of the way and secondly, nothing was worthwhile capturing…except maybe our neighbours…


They arrived a few minutes after us and proceeded to put up their satellite, put our their garden furniture and water the plants (and arrange the teddies from what I can see.)

Timaru reminds us a little of Swakopmund except maybe not so much sand…? Doug reckons it reminds him of Grahamstown army base.


So there. So far we’re more impressed with the North Island. For its warm sunny weather and slightly higher level of sophistication.


This part of the world could be quite depressing…

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