croissants & adrenalin

14 December

Being Sunday here today we went back to our Swiss-French living habits this morning.


Late morning we headed over to the Shotover Jet station to “catch the canyons” as they call it here. They call themselves the most famous Jet Boat operation in the world and have the sole right to ride the Shotover Canyon’s narrow rapids. A slick operation as skipper Murray explained the ways of the river.

Flying over rapids at breakneck speed we turned ninety degrees, one eighty degrees and twirled like a dragon fly barely grazing canyon walls and skimming over shallow water. (They can jet over 10cm shallow water – slightly deeper than our breakfast croissant).


(We’re in the back row – looking like idiots.) Huge fun.

Afterwards Doug treated me to lunch at the Amisfield Winery and Bistro. A stunning wine farm with a relaxed fusion-style cafe setting overlooking the vineyards about ten minutes out of Queenstown.

We drove around the “burbs” trying to get a look and feel for the town. A lot of timber and stone houses with huge gardens and stunning views of either lake or mountain. Truly a beautiful place to live.

They also take their post as seriously.


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