monkey’s wedding

15 December

Uh-oh. More rain. That pretty much summed up our day in Queenstown today. We woke up to dripping drainpipes and leaky trees. We ran to the local gym to get our daily dose of sanity (campers are small spaces).  Eventually walked into town to find a toasty spot. First without an umbrella. Then we bought one and needed our sunglasses. It was one of those days where a squall left as quickly as it arrived. The centre of town is totally geared towards adventure sports. All the main shops selling sports related gear or clothing – the rest focused  on warm woollies – clearly they know something we don’t.

The forecast for the next two days looks grim too. We hope to fly over the Milford Sound on a clear day which up to now has been impossible.  We know now why four million people in this country are concentrated on the North Island.

So on our menu for tonight.


Tomorrow we hope to move around again.  Check out some sights where they shot the LOTR trilogy. Its interesting watching the movies and recognizing some of the places they filmed in. In fact we’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

Hopefully the weather improves. Else we may just have to pull our cord and roll on out of town.

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