fairlie cute

16 December

With more penguins tap dancing on our camper van this morning we decided to hit the road.  We couldn’t spend another day sitting around. Queenstown has lost out on us thanks to its bad weather.

We decided to go check out Arrowtown, about 17km from Queenstown on route to our next stop. A tiny gold mining village set amongst the most gorgeous big oak trees it resembles Pilgrimsrest.


Too late for breakfast and too early for lunch Doug had to drag me away from all the cute coffee shops.

We headed up north towards Lake Tikapo which was meant to be the stop for the night – having realized that the town was about 50 meters long we decided to give it a miss. No getting away without getting a photograph of the famous chapel on the lake though…


From here onwards we drove most of the afternoon -weather was still particularly bad – heavy rainclouds all round and no chance of seeing much of the higher peaks.

At about five o’clock this afternoon we pulled into the tiny town of Fairlie. It has one supermarket, a Grand Hotel, a hardware and one cafe. Our campsite is great though. We have three live-in sheep and free internet. What more can you ask for in New Zealand.

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