oui oui Akaroa!

17 December

A full night’s rain gave way to fabulous sunshine this morning. Halleluja! After a leisurely breakfast we sped off in our van seeking our next sundrenched beach.  (a nice pipe dream though)

Around work time we pulled into the town of Ashburton where a giant salmon statue loomed over the community. Doug did his trading while I surveyed the local crowd. (including the salmon) Mainly farmers and fishermen by the looks of things. Salmon being the special on the menu off course.

By two we were on the road again. We were heading east towards Akaroa, a French settlement about an hour’s drive from Christchurch on the Banks Peninsula that juts out into the Pacific. A very windy road with sheep dotting the landscape on both sides led us to the little fishing village.


And French it seems indeed. We only had a quick look around with very cute shops on the water’s edge – from a small French butchery to deli cafes and very interesting looking restaurants. Tomorrow will be the day to explore.

Our campsite though, must get the prize for the best view so far. Perched on the edge of hilltop we overlook the bay. Its time for another one of those legendary bucket braai’s.


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