kings of the hill

18 December

Woke up to some amazing views – a windstill emerald blue bay with sailboats bobbing around and the odd cow (its outnumbered by the sheep) mooing in the background. We were finally granted full sunshine on our second last day.


After a slow start to the day we jumped on our bicycles and explored the town  with its one main street – Frenchness was evident everywhere – from customery rudeness in the deli to the baguettes in the local supermarket.  We cycled along the harbour as far as we could go. (That wasn’t very far).


Having run out road we returned to the main street where we sat down to enjoy some mocca while staring at the view.  A small logistical problem – Doug couldn’t get signal so we raced up our hill back to the campsite for better connectivity – and views off course.


Late afternoon, inspired by the surrounding beauty we took a run along the bay front, followed by dinner at a french bistro “Harbour 71” who boasted having one of the New Zealand’s team chef’s in their kitchen. Dinner was good but not having seen the man flex his muscles maybe detracted from the experience – or maybe it was the mere fact that he also served pizza?

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