city slickers

20 December

We finally got to our apartment in the Sydney CBD late last night. After spending a good hour and a bit at the airport trying desperately to downloads Australian maps onto our Tom Tom we gave up, grabbed the first tourist map, kickstarted our Yaris and headed into darkness of the Australian highway. Being the savvy travellers that we are, there were no sweating or swearing. A couple of times around the block to check out the nightlife and we strode into our  pad on the 28th floor.

Today we got to know the city – our kind of way. Managed to get connectivity with yet another USB modem. We now have a small library going. Walked around the city a bit and checked out some excellent shopping. Famished we headed over to Pier, a recommend in our Fodor. What was suppose to be a light bistro lunch turned out to be a complete gastronomic treat. Overlooking Rose Bay the restaurant is perched on stilts jutting out on a small jetty. With huge attention to detail and delicate flavours we enjoyed every morsel.


We spend the afternoon looking for a good supermarket to stock our kitchen – ended up in Bondi Juntion at a fantastic deli where we mixed with the Christmas throng of holidaymakers and Sydneysiders who were all shoving and pushing to get that last ham. Nothing like getting into the spirit of things…

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