21 December

Today we were tourists.

About to pull out of the garage this morning our Tom tom sniggered at us. Our first stop, Darling Harbour was a mere 800 metres. (The impact of skyscrapers) We had no clue. That’s the thing with a GPS.  It makes you lazy.

Being given that small clue we sheepishly got out the car and walked the two blocks. Darling Harbour is a real tourist attraction with loads of shops and restaurants lining the harbour. A bit cheesy but something you have to see nevertheless. We decided to catch a boat trip across the harbour to get a better perspective of the city.


Our first destination was Watson’s Bay, a cute little beach at the end point of the peninsula. Round about this time our stomachs starting growling and a G&T sounded like a good idea in the heat. We disembarked and grabbed a great fishy lunch at a place called the Harbour Hut – simple basic food on the beach.


From there we caught the boat back to Darling Harbour and decided to pay the Aquarium a visit. Here we had to distinguish between salties and freshies while dodging the Japanese tourists. The most interesting sight was the shark tanks. They have an amazing underwater tunnel where you can study the sharks and other crawlies from below. Quite fascinating as you got some really good close-ups.

By six we were bushed. A quick gym session and out to watch the movie epic “Australia” with a huge box of popcorn.

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