beach goers

22 December

Today we zipped around in our Yaris from one end of the peninsula to the other side. We checked out beaches, suburbs and people. Our first stop was the famous Manly beach. Old but cool – reminded us a lot of how Durban used to be like!  The buildings around the main beach are really art deco with a cute beach cafe here and there.

After Manly came Bondi – yuck!  Don’t know what the serious fuss is about. Its a huge long beach but not a tree in sight and the buildings and apartments on the beach are really old. Both Doug and I agreed to leave as soon as we arrived.


By now it was lunchtime and we were hunting for something to eat. My well thumbed Fodor guide directed us to Bronte beach – a cute and much smaller beach that lies in an alcove not too far from Bronte. We grazed on snapper and had a glass of wine while watching the beachgoers walk past.


Late afternoon took us back to the city. Decided it was time to get into the Christmas spirit of things! The shopping centres in and around the city were very busy with everyone shopping up a storm – street musicians and the works. Got home at about ten last night famished. Tomorrow we leave for the Kangeroo Valley. Can’t wait.

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