Rest in the kangeroo valley

23 December

Happily left our comfy lair on the 28th floor in Sydney this morning. We’d had enough of the city. Time for some fresh air and whatever Australian countryside had to offer.

About an hour south of Sydney we headed into what they call the Southern Highlands – beautiful countryside with rolling green hills. Sounds familiar?  We reached the village of Kangeroo Village late afternoon. A tiny village with one main street it stretches out along thick pine trees and blue gums. Galleries and small coffee shops with one general store makes up the whole town.

Having finally found our direction on the map we headed down a dirt path towards our cottage. “Rest” lies on the edge of a small gorge overlooking the upper Kangeroo valley. To describe it as gorgeous would be an understatement. Timber with a whitewashed look and big wide glass doors that overlooking a clump of trees and a swimming hole.


We spend our evening sitting on the verandah sampling the neighbour’s red wine listening to the wild parrots in the blue gums.


Before we went to bed we had to take a drive to get mobile signal – on our way back we saw a few foxes and a koala crouching alongside the road lazily chewing on something! Nothing like a night game drive in the Australian bush.

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