Christmas in the Blue Mountains

24 & 25 December

We’ve spend the last two days in the beautiful Kangeroo Valley resting. Its been drizzling so we’ve made full use of our fireplace. The entire front of the cottage had glass doors facing the escarpment which gave us never ending views of the valley.   Unfortunately with our cottage being so remote, we spend more time in our Yaris driving back and forth to town for Doug to work. (Did a lot of game viewing though.)


Christmas day we packed up and took a drive in a westerly direction towards the Blue Mountains – decided to take the longer supposedly more scenic road to see more and avoid the highway. Two and a half hours later we arrived at our destination in Blackheath, depressed and deluded at the length of “Midrand” countryside we just had to drive through. Endless smallholdings with broken pieces of wire , car wrecks and the odd Southfork mansion which stood out like a sore thumb with about five garages.

On a happier note our rental in the Blackheath is absolutely stunning. A wooden house on stilts it hides in a clump of bluegum trees at the end of a long dirt road. The entire cottage’s front faces the mountains with big glass doors opening up to a beautiful verandah.


We walked into the house to find cold bubbly in the fridge, a home baked orange cake with fresh strawberries, tons of Lindt chocolate and a note from the owners wishing us a good stay. Needless to say the facilities and care taken in the house are amazing and just stunning. Our Christmas dinner was spontaneous and late, and we fell into another strange bed with full tummies looking forward to exploring new places again.


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