zooting around

29 December

Armed with our guide book, camera and sunscreen, Jurgen, Doug and myself zooted off for a busy morning of sightseeing. Our stops included a coffee roastery, and chocolate factory where we stared more at the tourists than the chocolates.  Then, finally we decided to venture into Margaret River, the town – a country mecca for surfers and city goers. A quick walk through the town and we headed for our first wine farm restaurant, Leeuwin, a well-known wine estate that claims to make some of the best wines (and food) in Australia.

Lunch was a lengthy affair. The food and wine both lived up to its reputation with the only irritation being the constant flies. The restaurant overlooks a massive manicured lawn that stretches into a forest of bluegums and eucalyptus trees beyond. At the edge of all this precise neatness the vines are lined up row upon row as far as the eye can see.


Our next stop was Voyager. (no relation to SAA) The whole experience was strange as we pulled up to a huge Cape Dutch homestead, with slave bell and rose bushes. Some impressive wines and a very neat and organised set-up with no relation to South Africa other than an apparent admiration for its architecture.

To give us a taster of some sea and sand, Jurgen took us for a drive to Bunkers Beach where we plan to have lunch tomorrow and hope to get some colour. The whole area is pure bush with SUV’s and surfboards wherever you look. Both Doug and myself were trying to get our heads around the landscape which is very much dry Karoo/Free state bush with combined fynbos, which then leads to the most spectacular white sanded beach with azure blue seas.


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