friends and flies

30 December

Today was our beach going day. After a good cuppa at the local espresso bar in Dunsborough (our closest local town) we headed in the direction of the Leewin Naturaliste National Park. Our destination, Bunkers beach.

There was one problem today. Flies.

fly-hatAs we got out the car swarms of flies attacked us. Like one of the seven plagues. It didn’t get any better as we walked down to the most beautiful beach. (My lack of photos – blame the flies). The nasty buggers were so persistent the only way to get rid of them was to dive into the seawater – except it was midday and the sun was really hot with no umbrellas in sight. That’s Australia for you. Wild beauty with tame flies. We were told it subsides and is only a three week phenomenon. Seeing is believing though. We didn’t last too long. Lunch couldn’t come soon enough and we bolted into Bunkers beach cafe. Luckily they had enough sense to close the door and switch on the air conditioning where we could actually appreciate the beauty of the beach from a cool diner.

Later this afternoon we took a drive to Busselton where we took a walk on the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. This time I got a photo. Only one before the revenge of the flies.


We walked the 1.8 kilometres to the end of the jetty where we bought tickets to go down into the Underwater Observatory. This was such an incredible experience as you go down to about eight metres below the water’s surface to observe the marine life below. Saw the most incredible multi-colour sea sponges that attach themselves to the jetty pillars as well as corals and a variety of fish life. The novelty was definitely in the natural environment which we so rarely get to see. I tried taking some photos through the glass window below – (the graininess of the photo is due to the high ISO as I didn’t want to use a flash)


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