new year’s eve on a jol

31 December

A genuine time warp. That would describe our experience on our last night of 2008 in Perth, Western Australia.

When you find yourself sitting opposite an obese Australian with a cheap triangle on her head, blowing noisy bellows on a cruise boat with flashing strobe lights you have to wander about your choices. Maybe it also takes a little reflection to realize that everyone’s different and celebrating our differences are what makes us interesting human beings. We had fun people watching. It makes a refreshing change from the conservative emotionally disabled Europeans we have surrounded with for a while.


For our New Year’s Eve, Jurgen had booked us a cruise on the Swan River, followed by dinner at a wine farm.  Afterwards the boat would take you back to the city to watch fireworks and then disembark. As we boarded the boat we realized our fellow party goers were planning on getting value for their money – starting at the on-board bar – this only went from bad to worse as we were led into a dining room that dates back to an eighties wedding reception. Party hats, streamers and glitter. Retired deejay to warm up the jol. Buffet that called for each round table to help themselves to as much as they could carry.

By the time the boat pulled into the harbour again at 00:30 we had had enough of partygoing to last us for a good year. We had fun. For those of you that we haven’t been able to wish.  Happy 2009.

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