Checking out Perth

2 January

Today was a scorcher. It was close to forty degrees. One of those days where the tar melts and the frozen butter they bring you for breakfast is mush before you get your toast.

I had a girl’s breakfast this morning with Karen, while Jurgen and Doug hit the gym putting  time into their muscles.

Late morning Jurgen, Doug and myself caught the ferry to Fremantle.  We got our second view of Perth from the water, sans the strobe lights this time. Some huge mansions line the shoreline and small bays  similiar to Sydney create small hamlets.


Fremantle was interesting but hot. We made for the shade wherever we could. Our trip took longer than expected and we finally sat down for lunch at four at Joe’s Fish Shack. To back track home, we took the train and then caught a city bus (free in this town).

Our last night with Jurgen we celebrated with a Barbie (Australian for BBQ). We also killed a rather huge redback spider (one of the most poisenous spiders in Oz). All in a night’s entertainment.

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