Flying to Victoria

3 January

The alarm went off 4am this morning. Our flight was at 6:15 –  bleary eyed, we scrambled to get going. Perth airport was surprising busy so early. The heat was pressing and the sun wasn’t even up yet.

Trying to come to terms with switching our clocks forward again, we landed late morning after a three hour flight.  Our rental was a sporty red two-door Yaris. We felt right at home. In no time we left the city and followed our Tom Tom towards the country. Whereas Western Australia was dry bush and sand, Victoria seemed more gentle. Similiar to the Highveld, veld bleached white and clumps of eucalyptus, beech and ash trees.


We pulled into Outlook Hill just before lunchtime, exhausted from lack of sleep and starving (having avoided the Virgin Blue sarmie). Outlook Hill Restaurant offered a welcome retreat.  A cool high beamed ceiling with white starched table cloths overlooking the farm from a huge verandah. We collapsed into their chairs and started our day with a chilled glass of wine and beautiful home baked bread. (It was twelve thirty after all)

With full tums we pulled into our “Lime” cottage.  Build on wooden stilts it overlooks the Yarra valley, vineyards on the left and farmland ahead. We made two new friends today. Dash, a small Jackie, and Chewy, a black curlie mongrel came to welcome us officially this evening. Doug fed Chewy all our leftovers. So in no time we had a guard dog outside our cottage.


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