Outlook Hill

4 January

We slept in again today after yesterday’s early rise. Woke up with a picture straight out of Van Gogh –  fields of rolling farm in front of us. Lazy breakfast and on the two couches with our books. Had another visit from the doggies, scavenging for scraps again after last night’s feast.

Decided to visit a wine farm for lunch to sample the Yarra valley. We ended up at Yering Station. An organised farm that overlooks the farm we tested their Sauvignon Blanc (found it pretty bland) – food was good though. We tucked into the rib-eye fillet – actually saw those beasts munching in the distance.


After lunch we drove back to our cottage and returned to our original positions on the couch overlooking the vineyards and farm. Watching cricket and reading. Just before sunset we decided to go for a run.  We could only jog laps up and down the farm road as Dashie bounced across the road at any chance he got. All we needed was a dead dog on our hands so we just made the best of it. Back at our cottage our little friend below was stretched out on our couch before we turned our backs – off course we both felt too bad to wake the poor critter as he had turned out to be our Lead Runner this evening.


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