tree huggers

6 January

Our alarm buzzed early this morning for our run. The sun was still mellow and had barely reared its head when we jogged down the steep hill from our guesthouse. Turning our first corner we spotted a sleepy koala making his way across the road rather clumsily. He saw us come towards him and shuffled to the nearest bush! We ran all along the edge of the beach which was exceptional with fresh sea air.


Refreshed from a run we decided to go explore the nearby town of Apollo Bay – supposedly even nicer than Lorne with quite a touristy lighthouse. Along the drive we came across a clump of eucalyptus trees and spotted about four koalas sleeping in the trees close to the road. I managed to get a close-up – they are too cute for words and can only be described as cuddly teddy bears when they sleep.


Later this afternoon back in our guesthouse a swarm of landing helicopters peaked our curiosity  – as we switched on the news, the report came through – an elderly man couldn’t get his turn crashed into about seven people, mainly children. This had happened less than a kilometre from our guest house and was on the main Australian news.  So much for a sleepy holiday spot!


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