a dud day

8 January

Today happened to be one of those days we should have stayed in bed. We started off perky having seen huge sales advertise in the closed shop windows last night. Heading out we thought this could be a good opportunity for buying some supplies for our next upcoming Swiss leg. Firstly, as we stepped out the door, Melbourne’s proximity to Antarctica was evident. Maybe a cool spring day??? I was in my only summer dress. Doug in a tee. It was freezing! Coffee solved that problem for about five minutes. Determined not to be distracted we headed down Flinders Lane – renowned for its shops.


We found nothing. Flimsy summer dresses that you could maybe wear on a thirty plus day. We’ve only had about four of those during our entire trip. No winter stuff. Having walked around the whole morning we were tired and irritated. To top things we chose a dodgy Indian restaurant as our lunch fair – Doug having tried the first taster decided we may end up with Delhi belly so we quickly took the gap and left our food standing. Hunger drove us across the road to the biggest dumplings in the entire Australia. I could manage three. This wasn’t good.

We made it back to the hotel at about four this afternoon. Tired. Bad food. Tonight we’ve planned more carefully and will be giving Melbourne cuisine its last chance. Doug has booked us into a really nice restaurant in St. Kilda. Can’t wait.

(view from our hotel room below)



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