island life

10 January

our-cottage-waiheke(see above out island getaway)

We woke up this morning to the sound of the waves. Bliss. The whole place has such a fantastic feeling to it. Makes you want to walk around barefoot in denim cutoffs singing Bob Marley all day. We’ve tried to figure out this sense of overall well being that you get here – and came to the conclusion that it must be something to do with the close proximity of beach. I guess we’ve been spoilt living in Cape Town and then again in a very green Switzerland near the Lake.  This place just has a good feel to it. And by place, I mean New Zealand.

A walk on the beach early this morning set our tone for the day. The tide here retreats dramatically in the mornings – so much so that most boats end up high and dry. Makes for interesting photos and great for beach walking. We found a live sea urchin (never seen one of those before) and loads of shells with snails and funny looking crawlies.


This morning we took a walk through the village for a general look around and to find the information office. Strolled past the police which was closed due to lack of interest. What a beautiful sight – one I had to capture as proof and something I think we’ve never seen or will ever be witness to back in SA.


Lunch time we drove around on the island to get a better look. We picked a wine farm, Goldwater’s Estate for lunch and headed over the hill. A gorgeous winery overlooking the island, we sat down for a very informal tapas style lunch. Once again it struck me how unpretentious everyone was around here.

The weather started to move in and we headed home for the evening. With our location we were pretty happy to sit on our verandah or drape ourselves over a couch. The sound of the waves breaking was enough to keep us rooted to the spot for the evening.


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