lost in our books

11 January

They say see air makes you sleep better. We’re living proof. Had a good Sunday sleep in and only woke at nine. The weather looked pretty stormy over the bay this morning and the skies opened up with no warning. Great for reading and relaxing on a Sunday.

Doug and I have found this amazing series of books by Stieg Larsson. (Swedish) Its a trilogy.  First one: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – my non-reading husband didn’t speak to me for two days in the Blue Mountains he was so hooked. Now we found the second book. I’ve started the first and while Doug has tackled number two. We’re totally hooked. (Highly recommended)


Our day today was spend with books lying on our designated couches. We stopped to have a braai at lunch and carried on reading in the afternoon. We did take a walk to the butchery to go buy our meat and I got a pic.


Just before sunset we decided to get our lazy asses up and went for a run – being a fairly small island we did a few zigzags around. Saw a lot of water, uphills and breathed heavily. Humidity here is quite high and off course we both felt we should have rather been at the Skinny Sardine. Was worth it though.

I did take pics of us after our run on our verandah but they’re not for public viewing as we are both drenched in sweat looking tired. (not our best look.) So sorry about that one. Instead here’s a pic of my sea urchin. 🙂



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