second time around

12 January


With no real use for the Jucy we returned it to Auckland this morning. The trip (with cars on board) takes a little longer, so about fifty minutes later we pulled into Halfmoon Bay, Auckland. To kill some time we drove around Auckland and checked out the suburbs of Parnell,  Newmarket, and Browns Bay. I wanted to see the shopping possibilities and were duely satisfied that you could still be fashionable at the ass-end of the world.

Having done all the sightseeing, we both had enough and returned to the passenger ferry in Downtown Auckland. From here it takes exactly thirty minutes on the ferry back to Waiheke. These ferries run on the hour from early morning until midnight to carry commuters.


Back in Oneroa we lay off the books for a while and decided to pay the Skinny Sardine another visit – see if it was rocking as much as Friday night. To our disappointment the vibe wasn’t quite the same but we tucked into their tapas menu and took a walk back along the beach. At the moment they are experiencing what they call a King Tide – a phenomenon that takes place twice a year. They tide pulls right in so the beach is hardly visible. And then late afternoon it pulls so far back you can walk for miles into the sea.



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