last day on Waiheke

14 January

Our last day. We decided to put in the full effort to explore the island today. To the east of the island there was a fairly unexplored area which covered most of the wine, sheep and cattle farms on the island. There was also a historical Second World War battery which was responsible for defending New Zealand from any navy vessels. Not that either one of us are great historial buffs but what the hell.

As soon as we hit the gravel road we passed this road sign. Maybe an indication of how quiet things can get? I say no more.


The route turned out to be absolutely stunning. Very steep gravel roads with sharp turns and spectacular views over bays. Then the odd mansion of a house with yet another sea view that boggles the mind.

(The battery was nothing to write home about – totally boring and musty as expected with an old New Zealander that smelled faintly of old sheep and cigarettes trying to interest us in history).


We spend the afternoon hiding from the heat in our cottage and finished our day with nice long walk on our beach.  Saw at least five or six live sea stars!


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